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DAX facts and figures

  • DAX index basis = 1,000 (as at 31 December 1987)
  • 1 July 2013: DAX turns 25
  • 5 June 2014: DAX reaches 10,000 mark for the first time
  • 4 May 2017: DAX reaches record high of 12.647,78
Indices group various securities according to defined criteria, such as the market capitalisation of the respective company and exchange turnover in the security, membership of a market or sector – and track how these groups then perform in the capital markets. The indices thus enable comparison between the trend for a particular security and the performance of the relevant reference group. As such, companies are charted within their peer group, enabling investors to make more targeted investment decisions.

Deutsche Börse AG makes the decisions regarding the calculation and compilation of equity indices together with the Working Committee for Equity Indices.

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Selection indices

DAX®, MDAX®, TecDAX® and SDAX® are Deutsche Börse selection indices. Selection criteria for inclusion are, in addition to market capitalisation and exchange turnover, admission of the company’s securities to Prime Standard and admission to trading in the model “Continuous Trading” at the Xetra® trading venue.

In the form of GEX® Deutsche Börse has defined the criterion of the founder-managed or owner-run company as the basis for an index. GEX is the indicator for the stock market performance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The DAXplus Family 30 tracks founder-dominated companies. This “family index” contains the 30 largest family-managed firms by market capitalisation.

The RX REIT selection index tracks the performance of companies listed on the Deutsche Börse REITs segment that fulfil the transparency requirements of Prime Standard.

A listing of the firm’s securities in Prime Standard is a prerequisite for inclusion in one of these selection indices.

Moreover, Deutsche Börse calculates a selection index for the General Standard: the General Standard Index.

The most important selection indices:

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