PlatformEfficient and robust technology for Xetra and Börse Frankfurt

Xetra® and Börse Frankfurt use the same high-performance technology


Our trading technology sets worldwide standards with regard to reliability and availability: The network is available 99.98 per cent of the time, even when running at peak capacity. This equates to outage times of just two minutes per year. On peak days, the technology processes more than 136 million transactions and executes more than 2.76 million trades. The following features ensure its high speed:

  • Broadcast handling: Market data are disseminated efficiently via the exisiting lines.
  • Memory-based matching: Part of the data required for order processing is kept ready in the random access. This shortens the transaction processing time.
  • Compression algorithms: data packages are reduced, accelerating the transmission.

The technical infrastructure is designed to be fully redundant. The client-server architecture means the trading technology can be optimally scaled; participants can be connected quickly and easily. Via the interfaces FIX, MDI, GUI, VALUES API and the high-speed connections ETS Enhanced Transaction Solution and EBS Enhanced Broadcast Solution, clients can integrate the trading system in their processes themselves, or use external vendors’ software.

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