Sustainable Corporate Reporting: Understanding the importance of ESG information

Sustainable Corporate Reporting: Understanding the importance of ESG information stocks & standards workshop

25 April 2018 10.00 AM
25 April 2018 12.00 AM
„The Cube“Mergenthalerallee 6165760 EschbornDeutschland
Deutsche Börse Cash Market
Target Group:
Issuers, companies considering an exchange listing, Deutsche Börse Capital Market Partner

Since the financial crisis, disclosure of so-called ESG (environmental, social, governance) information is becoming increasingly important in the context of an extensive investment assessment and the forecast of mid- to long-term business performance.

Investors, clients, analysts and – last but not least – regulators are becoming more and more insistent that companies disclose not only classic financial indicators but also ESG-related opportunities and risks relevant to their core business.

In this context, the European Directive on Non-Financial Reporting has been translated into German law. As of 2017 businesses with more than 500 employees, and of public interest, are required to report on relevant sustainability information.

Listed companies should not view this, solely, as an exercise in compliance with heightened regulations. A core business related sustainability strategy minimizes risks at an early stage and, above all, identifies future business areas.

Deutsche Börse Group aims to organise the capital markets to be sound, transparent and safe. One key aspect when it comes to achieving this goal is the availability of high-quality information, which the company continuously strives to enhance.

This workshop shall provide participating companies support in complying with this new regulation and establishing a materiality oriented sustainability management.

The event is aimed at IR and financial managers of selected companies considering an exchange listing, equity and bond issuers from the segments of Deutsche Börse as well as Deutsche Börse Capital Market Partners.

Please note that the workshop will take place in German only.

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