Two new ComStage asset strategy ETFs launched on Xetra

Release date: 14 Mar 2018 | Deutsche Börse Cash Market

Two new ComStage asset strategy ETFs launched on XetraETFs provide access to a broadly diversified ETF portfolio

Two new active exchange traded funds issued by ComStage have been tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Wednesday.

The two new ComStage Vermögensstrategie (asset strategy) ETFs enable investors to participate in a broadly diversified ETF portfolio. The ETFs acquired are primarily those that track the performance of international equity, bond, money market and/or commodity indices, or interest rates.

The ComStage Vermögensstrategie Defensiv UCITS ETF allocation is made up of 40 percent equity, 50 percent bond and 10 percent commodity investments. The ComStage Vermögensstrategie Offensiv UCITS ETF, in contrast, invests in 80 percent equities, 10 percent bonds and 10 percent commodities.

The equities in both ETFs are diversified across geographic regions and sectors, and the bonds track both government bond and Pfandbrief (covered bond) indices. The commodity investments are tracked via a broadly diversified basket of commodity indices.

Name: ComStage Vermögensstrategie Defensiv UCITS ETF
Asset class: multi-assets
ISIN: DE000ETF7029
Ongoing charges p.a.: 0.45 percent
Distribution policy: distributing


Name: ComStage Vermögensstrategie Offensiv UCITS ETF
Asset class: multi-assets
ISIN: DE000ETF7037
Ongoing charges p.a.: 0.55 percent
Distribution policy: distributing


The product offering in Deutsche Börse's XTF segment currently comprises a total of 1,231 exchange traded funds. This selection, together with an average monthly trading volume of around €11 billion, makes Xetra Europe’s leading trading venue for ETFs.

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