Access & Application

Access & Application

Regulated Market

The admissions procedure is set in motion with a written admission application, filed by the company together with the syndicate bank. The syndicate bank as co-applicant must be a credit institution, financial services institution or a company that performs its business activities pursuant to sect. 53 para. 1 clause 1 or sect. 53 b para. 1 clause 1 of the German Banking Act (KWG) and must be admitted for trading on a German securities exchange and be able to verify having liable equity capital equivalent to at least €730,000, cf. sect. 32 of the Stock Exchange Act (BörsG) in conjunction with sect. 45 of the Exchange Rules for FWB® the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (BörsO FWB®).

The admission application must be signed by all applicants, although authorization is permissible, and submitted with the relevant (supporting) documents. Sect. 48 para. 1 of the Stock Exchange Admissions Regulation (BörsZulV) sets out the requirements of the admission application. The documents to be submitted are listed in sect. 48 para. 2 BörsZulV.

Deutsche Börse has designed an application form to serve as an aid for applicants. The form contains categories of information generally required plus a checklist in the appendix listing documents to be submitted and as such offers the company and the co-applicant valuable help in the application process.

Companies submitting an application for admission to the Regulated Market (General Standard) can simultaneously apply for admission to Prime Standard, the sub-segment of the regulated market with additional post-admission obligations.

Open Market, Freiverkehr

Pursuant to sect. 17 et seq. of the General Terms and Conditions of Deutsche Börse AG for the regulated unofficial market at the Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (AGB FV), the inclusion of securities in Scale requires the application of the issuer together with an Applying Deutsche Börse Capital Market Partner.

Applying Deutsche Börse Capital Market Partners are bank institutions, financial services institutions or companies which operate according to sect. 53 para. 1 clause 1 of the Banking Act (KWG) or sect. 53 b para. 1 clause 1 KWG, that have been recognised as Applying Deutsche Börse Capital Market Partners by Deutsche Börse AG.

Applications for the inclusion of shares in the regulated unofficial market of FWB® the Frankfurt Stock Exchange are filed in electronic form since the introduction of the E-Listing Open Market. In the light of digital communication, both application filing and application handling can be processed faster. The filing of the application for the inclusion of securities in Scale is performed in the E-Listing Open Market by the Applying Deutsche Börse Capital Market Partner, who is authorised to do so by the issuer. The issuer itself has no access to the E-Listing tool.

Shares or certificates representing shares that are already admitted on another German or international exchange-like trading venue recognised by Deutsche Börse AG can be included on the Quotation Board. The application for inclusion can be filed by a trading participant admitted to the FWB who is also a specialist in the trading model “Continuous auction with specialist”.


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