Connection Customised solutions for your connection to the Xetra trading technology

Deutsche Börse Cash Market offers a number of different ways of being connected to the trading technology of trading venues Xetra® and Börse Frankfurt, depending, for example, on the performance and availability of the connection.

Type of connectionPerformance featuresIntegration of in-house systems
Two redundant leased linesHigh-performance processing of large volumes and high availabilityYes
Leased line and Internet backupRestricted service level for Internet backupYes
InternetAccess via Internet VPN (512 Kbit/s or 2 Mbit)Yes
Web tradingAccess to Xetra Trading GUI via Internet-based terminal sessionsNo

The standard connection has a bandwidth of 512 Kbit/s. You can opt for a higher bandwidth of 2 Mbit.

Using the leased lines and the VPN connection you can choose between the FIX, Enhanced Transaction Solution and VALUES interfaces for trading and between the Xetra Market Data Interface and VALUES for market data.

In addition,you can connect to the high-speed interfaces Enhanced Transaction Solution and Enhanced Broadcast Solution via lines with bandwidths from 10 Mbit to 10 Gbit (co-location).

Two additional high-speed interfaces are also available:

InterfacePerformance features Integration of in-house systems
Enhanced Transaction SolutionHigh-speed socket interface for core tradingYes
Enhanced Broadcast SolutionHigh-speed socket interface for market dataYes