Bulgarian Stock Exchange

Bulgarian Stock Exchange Ihr Weg an die Börse - wir begleiten Sie

The advantages of the partnership at a glance

  • Investors receive easy access to investment opportunities in Bulgaria and the CEE region
  • Local contact and access point for companies from Bulgaria who want to join the network as a member.
  • International expansion of Deutsche Börse Venture Network member community

The advantages of BSE’s agent services

In-depth knowledge of the Bulgarian start-up landscape; targeted approach within a pool of the best performing Bulgarian start-up growth companies:

  • For Bulgarian growth companies: free preliminary assessment and consultation of potential membership against the criteria of Deutsche Börse Venture Network
  • Free consultation to Deutsche Börse Venture Network member investors regarding Bulgarian start-up ecosystem

Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) is the operator of Bulgaria's regulated market in financial instruments first authorized by the Financial Supervision Commission in 1997. BSE provides its services through a state-of-the-art trading platform (provided by Deutsche Börse©) offering a wide range of functionalities and a diverse set of features to all investors. BSE's main strategic goal is to improve capital market efficiency and maintain a venue of choice for all domestic businesses thus strengthening its position as a primary source of equity fundraising in Bulgaria.

Alongside the regulated market BSE organizes the SME Growth Market beam which allows for small and mid-cap companies in Bulgaria to receive less complicated access to financing. Trading on the beam market is executed through the same trading platform T7® and under the same trading rules as those on the BSE‘s main market.

In 2020 BSE launched its beamUp lab program which aims at promoting and encouraging the growth of well above average performing Bulgarian start-ups, small and mid-cap companies. It is an initiative of BSE under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance implemented in partnership with the Fund Manager of Financial Instruments in Bulgaria which is the institution that allocates targeted public funds from European Union programmes and national co-financing, using special financing schemes. Other partners of the program are the Bulgarian Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Bulgarian Association of Licensed Investment Intermediaries, and the Bulgarian Start-up Association.

The goal of the program is to distinguish promising and innovative Bulgarian companies with sustainable business models, to make them visible for potential investors as well as to strengthen their knowledge of the financing opportunities. The program is designed as continuous one, as each annual edition would feature new selection of start-ups, small and mid-cap companies.

How it works

Through its partner BSE Deutsche Börse Venture Network offers to potential members - Bulgarian companies, new financing opportunities, and for its members on the investment arm new investment opportunities. BSE serves as the link between Deutsche Börse Venture Network and early and later stage start-ups established in Bulgaria. BSE provides these companies with all the necessary information and advice on the advantages, opportunities, and assessment criteria of Deutsche Börse Venture Network. Potential members from Bulgaria are initially assessed by BSE against the criteria of Deutsche Börse Venture Network and guided on their path to become members. 

If you are  growth company from Bulgaria or an investor interested in ventures from Bulgaria, please get in touch with dbvn@bse-sofia.bg

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