Xetra. The market.

Xetra® is the reference market for exchange trading in German shares and ETFs. No other exchange in the world achieves greater turnover at fairer market prices in these securities.

More than 80 percent of all trading in shares at all German exchanges and more than 50 percent of trading in ETFs in Europe is transacted through Xetra. With regard to DAX® listings, Xetra even has a 65 percent market share throughout Europe.

The price fixing on Xetra is conducted according to clearly defined and transparent rules. Trading participants who decide to trade through Xetra profit from highest liquidity and the fair prices of a major market place.

Facts & Figures Xetra

  • 2.500 shares, 1,400 ETFs, ETCs and ETNs
  • More than 200 participants from 18 countries (incl. UAE and Hong Kong)
  • Trading models such as “continuous trading”, also with a designated sponsor, “reference price trading” and “price optimisation model”
  • Trading services for institutional market participants and retail investors, e.g. Trade Entry, Xetra IPO Auction
  • Trading times from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. CET

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