Cash Market Readiness Newsflash | Member Section 2.0: Reminder regarding set-up of contacts, availability of updates about known limitations

Release date: 31 Mar 2021

Cash Market Readiness Newsflash | Member Section 2.0: Reminder regarding set-up of contacts, availability of updates about known limitationsCash Market Readiness Newsflash

The redesigned and updated Member Section 2.0 went live on 1 February 2021. With the go-live, some additional functionalities and improvements were introduced (see Xetra Circular 06/21). With this Newsflash, we would like to draw your attention to some important aspects. This will enable you to verify if all required users and contacts have been set up and registered correctly.

Also, we would like to provide some general information updates regarding the “known limitations”.

1. Required action

A. Set-up of deputies

The set-up of deputies ensures that required persons can make optimal use of the self-service processes available in the Member Section.

Deputies of Central Coordinators, who did not have a Member Section user account in January 2021, could not be migrated as part of the migration to the Member Section 2.0. Therefore, those Deputies need to be set up by the Central Coordinator. To do so, we kindly ask all Central Coordinators to follow these instructions:

1. Assure or check whether the person you want to set up as a Deputy for the Central Coordinator has a Member Section user account. If they don't, they have to register in the Member Section to create an account.
2. Follow the navigation pathCentral Coordinator > Portal User Administration
3. Select the user from the list who should take on the role of Deputy. 
4. After selecting the user, click on the “Assign as your deputy” button in the User Account Details > Deputy area.

B. Maintenance of Company Contacts

"Company Contact" refers to any person from your company who is registered in the Member Section and has a Member Section user account. Maintenance of Contacts Contacts ensures that your company adheres to the admission requirements regarding mandatory contacts.

In the Member Section, there are user roles and "Contact Types":

  • "User roles": Users with specific permissions and responsibilities in the Member Section
  • “Contact Types”: Users who serve as main contacts for specific topics to Deutsche Börse Group. 

As a Central Coordinator, please ensure that you have set up the relevant Company Contacts/contact types in line with Eurex Clearing's Clearing Conditions and/or Eurex Exchange's Trading Admission Requirements, depending on the market you are active in.

Relevant Contact Types are:

  • Compliance Contact
  • Clearing Contact 

o    DMP Contact (Clearing Member only)
o    Emergency Contact (Clearing Member only)
o    Extended Hours Clearing
o    Cash Management
o    Collateral Management
o    Settlement Operations

  • Trading Contact

o    Extended Hours Trading

We kindly ask you to follow the instructions given in the manual on how to assign Contact Types.

For all other contacts, please find detailed information in the Member Section User Guide in chapter 3.11 Company Contacts. 

2. General information

Known limitations updates: 

You can always find the most recent information regarding the Member Section under the following link:

If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact

Kind regards

Your Client Services Team


All Xetra®-Participants and Vendors

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