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BIOTECH Insight provides information of the German biotechnology industry. 

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Data and facts at a glance

We have summarised the most important economic indicators of the German biotech industry for you and prepared

Start-ups in the spotlight

The German start-up scene in biotechnology is growing: Here you will find a selection of interesting newcomers.

Biotechnology in the headlines

Stay up to date on the latest news from the biotech industry in Germany. A selection of news at a glance.


CEO Interview

Harpreet Singh is co-founder, CEO and member of the Advisory Board of Immatics N.V., a NASDAQ-listed biotechnology company with its headquarters in Germany. Immatics combines the discovery of true targets for cancer immunotherapies with the development of the right T cell receptors, aiming to anable a robust and specific T cell response against these targets. In an interview with BIOTECH Insight, Singh talks about the potential of immunotherapies and the company's current strategy.. 


Precision fermentation is a technology from the field of biotechnology in which microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts or fungi are genetically modified to specifically produce certain products. This dossier includes a brief introduction to the basics, an overview of different approaches, target products and players as well as the hurdles of this still nascent industry.

Investors in profile

A growing number of investors is interested in biotechnology. We present relevant investors with their focus and investment volume.

Biotech locations

In many locations in Germany stakeholders are working on biotechnological innovations in science and industry. In this section a selection of relevant regions and their activities is presented.


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