The advantages of the partnership at a glance

  • Exclusive conditions for members of the Deutsche Börse Venture Network:
  • Expertmatch:  up to 1000€ discount on your first project
  • Expertview: receive your first Expertview interview for free

The advantages of Expertlead


  • Hire vetted tech freelancers and add capacity to your existing tech teams or start a new IT project from scratch with the Expertmatch service.
  • Recruit prequalified software developers for permanent positions and always have the best people for the job


Speed up your IT recruitment processes by letting our community assess the technical capabilities of your applicants. Save valuable time for your senior tech team by interviewing only suitable candidates

Expertlead is an HR tech company specialized in the recruitment and technical assessment of IT experts. The company's unique selling point is its exceptional combination of technology and community know-how, which enables it to find, assess and hire the right tech talent. Technical skills of IT candidates are assessed through a special peer-to-peer interview process. Expertlead uses the swarm intelligence of the global tech community to check the capabilities of applicants across different programming languages. In combination with the company’s innovative recruiting software, it offers a holistic solution in tech recruiting.

How it works

Expertmatch: Deutsche Börse Venture Network members receive up to 1000€ discount on their first project (fulltime). You receive a 500€ discount on the total price of any fulltime project lasting longer than three months. For full time projects lasting longer than six months your discount increases to 1000€. 

Expertview: As a Deutsche Börse Venture Network member, you receive your first Expertview interview for free. 

If you are interested in this service, please get in touch with Falko Weinert from the Deutsche Börse Venture Network team.

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