Green bonds

Green bondsInvest with a clear conscience

Deutsche Börse Cash Market makes it easy for environmentally conscious investors to invest in an effect-oriented way: at, with just a few clicks they can access the green bonds that can be traded there. The bonds whose issue proceeds flow into the financing or refinancing of environment-related projects are bundled there under “Bonds” with their own navigation point “Green Bonds”.

Investors for whom both economic and ecological aspects are important can also easily find bonds with corresponding strategies using the search function and an appropriate filter: under “Bonds” > “Finder”, unfold "Select more filters" and click on “Yes” for “Green Bonds”. The Green Bond Principles of the International Capital Markets Association form the basis for inclusion in the “green shop window”. Among other things, the use of issue proceeds, the project selection process, management and ongoing reporting on the use of proceeds are taken into account.

The bonds are listed on various European stock exchanges and are included in trading on Börse Frankfurt.