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With information on recent tech sector developments, Tech Insight provides an overview of listed tech companies in Germany, including the latest news on sector indices and performance or capital market financing of listed tech companies.

Roughly 22 per cent of all companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange are classified as Tech

On the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, 22 per cent of all listed companies are classified as Technology companies. This includes 467 companies from the Prime Standard, General Standard and Scale segments. At 21 per cent, the majority of these companies actively operate in the Tech sector, which is representative of tech companies achieving progress through their particularly innovative research and development activities. Companies from the Software (20 per cent), Industrial (17 per cent) and Biotechnology (16 per cent) sectors are also classified as Tech. They are the most strongly represented sectors on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Companies from the subsectors Medical Technology, Renewable Energies and Telecommunications are also classified as Tech on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The Medical Technology and Renewable Energies sub-sectors in particular are becoming increasingly important as they drive the development of efficient and sustainable processes and thus have a major influence on economic development.

DAXsector All Technology continues to slightly outperform DAX, TecDAX and DAXsector All Software in Q2, 2021

The DAXsector All Technology, which tracks the performance of all tech companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, leads the IT sector with an increase of 12.45 per cent within the past twelve months. The Tech sector thus continues to outperform the TecDAX, which includes the 30 largest German tech companies and recorded gains of 10.41 per cent over the past twelve months. The DAXsector All Software performed poorest in the IT sector, with a continued positive performance of 7.96 per cent. The DAX was up 1.80 per cent within the same period.

Teles AG Informationstechnologien saw strongest growth among tech companies within the past 12 months

At 310 per cent growth within the last twelve months, the IT company Teles AG Informationstechnologien (ISIN: DE000A289B07) tops the list of strongest-developing tech companies. Runners-up were IT service provider and software developer GFT Technologies (ISIN: DE0005800601) with gains of 161 per cent and the manufacturer and supplier of biofuels Verbio Vereinigte Bioenergie AG AG (ISIN: DE000A0JL9W6) with 98 per cent.

TecDAX companies have an average market capitalisation of just under €19 billion

Market capitalisation reflects the total value of a company’s stocks. On the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, around 78 per cent of tech companies are so-called small- and mid-caps with a market capitalisation below €0.5 or €1.5 billion, respectively. The 30 most valuable listed tech companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange are included in TecDAX. In total, just under 22 per cent of listed tech companies are so-called large caps with a market capitalisation of above €1.5 billion. The largest listed tech company in Germany is software corporation SAP, with a market capitalisation of roughly €120 billion.

Two new tech companies join Frankfurt Stock Exchange in second half of 2021

With a total of 12 new listings, an issue volume of €2.3 billion in the second half of the year and a resulting total issue volume of over €10 billion for the entire year 2021, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange had a successful year in primary market business. At €1.6 billion, a large part of this volume was contributed by companies from the automotive, trade and financial services sectors. The largest of a total of two new entries in the tech sector in the second half of the year was the IPO of computer input device manufacturer Cherry AG, with an issue volume of nearly €400 million.

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