Biotech locations

Biotech locations in Germany

Germany provides a broad spectrum of biotech locations across the country. We present short profiles of the major regions with its core competences, main stakeholders and networks.

In the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region, companies, start-ups, researchers and clinics work together on top performance for the regional and global healthcare market.

Northern Germany, with its expertise in pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical technology, is a well-established location for the life science industry. The focus is on precision medicine, diagnostics and laboratory supplies.

Munich and the surrounding area are considered a strongly networked biotech region and are home to numerous players - from pharmaceutical or chemical companies and medium-sized enterprises to research centers, clinics and start-ups.

The metropolitan area of North Rhine-Westphalia has a high density of biotech companies that are active both in healthcare  and in sustainable bioeconomy.

The Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region has a dense network of stakeholders in science and business who are committed to developing innovative solutions in medicine.

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