Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs)

Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs)ETCs track the performance of commodities

Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs) track the performance of an underlying commodity, commodity future or commodity index. Like shares and ETFs, they are continuously traded during all trading hours on Xetra®. This offers investors quick and transparent access to the key commodities without them having to purchase forward contracts or take physical possession of the commodities. As with shares and ETFs, investors can make use of market, limit and stop-loss orders when trading with ETCs. The minimum trade size is one security.

ETCs are similar to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and include many of the same advantages. They have an open structure, are cost-effective and pricing is transparent. ETCs are open-ended, traded continuously on the exchange and, moreover, offer a high degree of liquidity. Legally however, ETCs constitute undated notes from the respective issuer and not special assets in the form of a fund structure.

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Parts of the trading system are currently experiencing technical issues

The trading system is currently experiencing technical issues

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The market status window is an indication regarding the current technical availability of the trading system. It indicates whether news board messages regarding current technical issues of the trading system have been published or will be published shortly.

We strongly recommend not to take any decisions based on the indications in the market status window but to always check the production news board for comprehensive information on an incident.

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