Cash Market Readiness Newsflash | Cash Market Readiness Newsflash | Updates regarding the migration of trading venue Börse Frankfurt to T7

Release date: 30 Sep 2019

Cash Market Readiness Newsflash | Cash Market Readiness Newsflash | Updates regarding the migration of trading venue Börse Frankfurt to T7Cash Market Readiness Newsflash

Dear Börse Frankfurt and Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate Participant,

With this Newsflash, we would like to provide some updates on the migration of the Börse Frankfurt/Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate migration to T7.

1. Update of the N7 Network Access Guide to include IP addresses

The N7 Network Access Guide has been updated to include the ETI and FIX Gateway IP addresses as well as multicast address ranges for the Börse Frankfurt market data interfaces on T7. For details please refer to the document on the Xetra website under the following link:

2. Multicast ranges and router configurations

Please note that Participants who want to receive Börse Frankfurt market data on T7 will need to add the relevant market data multicast ranges to their router configurations.

The multicast ranges can be found in chapter 9.2 of the N7 Network Access Guide.

The respective ranges need to be added to the following sections of the Participant’s router configurations:

  • “ip access-list standard xemdi_prod_A" and/or "ip access-list standard xemdi_prod_B"
  • "ip access-list standard xemdi_A" and/or "ip access-list standard xemdi_B"

Please note: Please check before adding the ranges whether they are indeed missing. It is important that Participants do not overwrite existing ranges.

Participants can perform this change and test the new ranges on their own with Pre-Production start.

Alternatively, Participants can reach out to their Technical Key Account Manager (TKAM) to arrange a network connection test.

For more information, please contact your TKAM or

3. Trading model “Continuous Auction” in T7 Release 8.0 XETR simulation

We would like to point out again that the trading model “Continuous Auction” has been available in the T7 Release 8.0 XETR simulation since 18 September until 5 November 2019. Twenty instruments per Specialist/Vendor will be available.

The instrument information is available in the reference data interface (RDI), in the reference data file (RDF) and in the "All Tradable Instruments" file available in the public area of the Xetra website The respective instruments can be filtered using the "Specialist" field.

For further details, please refer to the T7 Release 8.0 Participant Simulation Guide on the Xetra website under the following link:

4. Increase of the minimum bandwidth for a Multi-Interface Channel (MIC) to 14 Mbit/s 

With the migration of Börse Frankfurt including Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate to the T7 trading system, the entry bandwidth Multi-Interface Channel (MIC) will be increased from 7 Mbit/s to 14 Mbit/s for all Xetra and Börse Frankfurt connections.

The 14 Mbit/s MIC will consist of a 2 Mbit/s Transaction Channel and a 12 Mbit/s Market Data Channel. The upgrade will be done automatically by Deutsche Börse - no Participant action is required.

The price for the entry bandwidth MIC will remain unchanged.

For information, including also further changes to the Price List, see Xetra Circular 069/19 under: 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us under the e-mails stated below.


All Xetra® Members and Vendors

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