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A new segment for SMEs

By introducing a new segment Deutsche Börse extends its service offering for small and medium-sized enterprises

Welcome, Aves One AG!

Deutsche Börse Cash Market welcomes Aves One AG in the Prime Standard. First price was fixed at € 6.00.

Germany needs an ecosystem for

Article by Hauke Stars, Member of the Executive Board Deutsche Börse AG, in "Börsen-Zeitung" (German only)

Shelter in volatile times

Martin Reck, Managing Director Deutsche Börse Cash Market, talks about the safety mechanisms in Xetra trading.


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Deutsche Börse Cash Market

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visitors in 2016 got a first-hand view of floor trading at Börse Frankfurt. Come and visit us, too!

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DAX intraday

23. Jan 2017

Unscheduled adjustment in SDAX on 12 January

Deutsche Börse Cash Market

As a result of the expected acquisition of Braas Monier by Marsella Holdings, the Braas Monier current share class in the index will be replaced with the tendered share class of Braas Monier.

Delayed quotesJan 23, 2017 5:45:00 PM

DAX -84.38 11,545.75
MDAX -76.78 22,568.48
TecDAX -5.44 1,830.38
SDAX +15.91 9,736.20

Trading turnovers

Turnover at Deutsche Börse’s cash markets stood at €108.8 billion in December 2016.

The iPad app for Deutsche Börse issuers

Issuer Data Service-App

Mobile support for issuers of Deutsche Börse: install the new Issuer Data Service app on your iPad and get access to your stock’s individual exchange data anytime, anywhere.

Our new segment explained in simple terms and pictures

Capital Market Financing for SMEs

How does Capital Market Financing for SMEs works? Learn how our new segment will enhance access to investors and growth capital for smaller and medium-sized enterprises, explained in simple terms and pictures..

Any further questions?

Do you have further questions about our online offering?

Market commentary and outlook on the year 2017


Michael Blumenroth, gold market expert of Deutsche Bank gives an outlook on the year 2017. Watch the video on YouTube!

Happy Birthday, DAX

Deutsche Börse DAX aktuell

The index turns 29 this year. 14 founding members are still in: Bayer AG, Daimler AG, Commerzbank AG, BMW AG, BASF SE, Allianz SE, Volkswagen AG, Thyssenkrupp AG, Siemens AG, RWE AG, Linde AG, Deutsche Bank AG, Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Henkel AG & Co. KGaA.

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Save the date: German Equity Forum 2017

Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum 2016

The German Equity Forum is the largest information and networking event for capital seeking companies and investors. 2017's event is set for 27 to 29 November.