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An IPO offers a world of opportunities: an enhanced public profile, accelerated growth and a more favourable competitive position. However, the step of going public must be prepared thoroughly. The IPO process starts long before the first day of trading. From the decision to go public until the initial listing, issuers must undergo a number of processes. Among other steps, these include: recruiting appropriate partners, assessment whether the requirements for going public are met through due diligence, elaborating the issuing concept and the equity story as well as setting up an efficient corporate organization.

Regulated Markt

For admission to listing in the Regulated Market, statutory EU-uniform requirements and follow-up obligations have to be met. At Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse you may choose between the General Standard and the Prime Standard, the sub segment with higher transparency requirements.

Regulated MarketFollow-up obligations Regulated Markt

Regulated Market


The Regulated Market is a EU-Regulated Market and an organized market in the meaning of Sect. 2 Paragraph 5 of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG). The admission requirements and follow-up obligations applying here are governed by law and are based on European law and, therefore, correspond to EU-uniform requirements. Above all, they are regulated in the German Stock Exchange Act, German Stock Exchange Listing Act, in the German Securities Prospectus Act as well as in the Exchange Rules. In contrast to the Open Market organized under private law, the Regulated Market is a market segment regulated by public law.

Issuers in the Regulated Market comply with high requirements applicable throughout the entire EU. Thus, the Regulated Market is specifically meant for large and medium-sized companies who are willing and capable to comply with these requirements and who wish to address both national and international investors.

Various transparency standards

Depending on the objectives the company strives for with their stock exchange listing, the investors the company mainly wishes to address and the extent of transparency the company wants to safeguard, companies may choose in the Regulated Market at Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse between the General Standard or the Prime Standard, which is a partial segment bearing increased transparency requirements.