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  1. Release date:
    17 Nov 2017
    Press Release | STOXX

    iSTOXX Global Economic Growth Select 50 Index licensed to Citi

    STOXX Ltd., the operator of Deutsche Boerse Group’s index business, and a global provider of innovative and tradable index concepts, today introduced the iSTOXX Global Economic Growth Select 50 Index. It was licensed to Citi as an underlying for structured products. It is a complementary index to the iSTOXX Europe Economic Growth Select 50 which was launched earlier this year.

    “We are delighted to build on the cooperation with Citi which has been growing for several years now. After the successful launch of the iSTOXX Europe Economic Growth Select 50 Index, we are now adding a global version to the index family The iSTOXX Global Economic Growth Select 50 Index comprises stocks that combine liquidity with high dividend yields and low stock price volatility. The entire basket is tilted towards companies with a substantial revenue exposure to countries with a strong economic outlook,” said Matteo Andreetto, chief executive officer, STOXX Limited.

    “We are seeing a growing demand in thematic indices as a value-added solution to our clients, as they offer access to innovative concepts in systematic manner, while keeping the options cost-efficient. The theme of looking at the origin of company revenues and IMF GDP growth forecast resonated well with our client base making the Europe index a success. Following investor demand, we are extending the theme to global companies, and launching the iSTOXX Global Economic Growth Select 50 Index in cooperation with STOXX,” said Quentin Andre, global head of equity solutions sales and structuring with Citi.

    The component selection of the iSTOXX Global Economic Growth Select 50 Index excludes all companies which are in contravention of UN Global Compact Principles, and whose 3-month average daily traded volume is below USD 3 million. Furthermore, it excludes stocks with a high volatility. The components are weighted according to a normalized gross domestic product score, whereby companies with the highest exposure to countries with the highest estimated economic growth (according the IMF) receive the largest weight.

  2. Release date:
    16 Nov 2017
    Press Release | Deutsche Börse

    Theodor Weimer appointed as new CEO of Deutsche Börse AG

    Theodor Weimer has been appointed for three years as new Chief Executive Officer at today's meeting of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Börse AG. In January, 57-year-old Weimer will take over from CEO Carsten Kengeter who leaves the company at the end of 2017. Weimer is currently spokesman of the Management Board of HypoVereinsbank – UniCredit Bank AG (Munich).

    Weimer studied economics, business administration and geography in Tübingen and St. Gallen and did his doctorate at the University of Bonn. After his time at the university, Weimer, who was born in Wertheim, worked for the management consultants McKinsey and Bain. In 2001, he joined Goldman Sachs as Managing Director and later became Investment Banking Partner there. In 2007, Weimer joined the UniCredit Group as Head of Global Investment Banking in Munich. In 2009, he was appointed Spokesman of the Management Board of HypoVereinsbank (today UniCredit Bank AG). In this function, Weimer also belongs to the Executive Management Committee of the UniCredit Group.

    Joachim Faber, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Börse AG, said with regards to the appointment of the new CEO: "Theodor Weimer has strong leadership skills and possesses many years of capital market experience – I am very pleased that he will take over the CEO role. Theodor Weimer is a highly respected financial sector expert who understands the business of our clients very well. He is both internationally oriented and deeply rooted in our home market and very well connected with regulators. He has all the prerequisites to successfully continue Deutsche Börse Group's growth agenda. "

    Faber continued: "On behalf of the entire Supervisory Board, I would like to thank Carsten Kengeter, who established strong new strategic direction for the company in a difficult time and enhanced the company's competitiveness."

    Theodor Weimer, referring to his move to Deutsche Börse Group, said: "I am looking forward to a challenging task in a very international and technologically leading global company whose roots lie in Frankfurt as a financial center. In a financial center that should become even stronger. Deutsche Börse will make its contribution to achieve this.”

    In addition to appointing the new CEO as of 1 January 2018, the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Börse AG has also made two further personnel decisions at its meeting today. The management contracts of Andreas Preuss and Jeffrey Tessler were each extended by one year. Andreas Preuss is Deputy CEO and responsible for IT, operations, the data business and the subsidiaries EEX and 360T. Jeffrey Tessler is responsible for clients, products and core markets. In this function, he leads Eurex and Clearstream – the two business segments with the highest revenues within the Group.

    "By appointing Theodor Weimer and extending the contracts of Andreas Preuss and Jeffrey Tessler, it is possible to give the company new impetus on the one hand and ensure the necessary continuity in the work of the Executive Board on the other hand", commented the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

  3. Release date:
    16 Nov 2017
    Press Release | Eurex

    Eurex launches new FI hedging tools

    Following the introduction of corporate bond futures, Eurex – a part of Deutsche Börse Group – once again acts as first mover in the fixed income derivatives markets. To further support the financial industry in hedging their portfolios, Europe’s leading derivatives exchange launches options on fixed income ETFs. As of November 20, Eurex will offer options on three products:

    • iShares USD High Yield Corporate Bond ETF;
    • iShares J.P. Morgan USD Emerging Market Bond ETF; and
    • iShares USD Corporate Bond ETF.

    The launch is expected to be well supported as Eurex responds to strong client demand. “The growth of fixed income ETFs in Europe has broadened the range of investors and the way they use our ETFs. These investors are telling us they need options on our fixed income ETFs, to provide a way to manage volatility in portfolios using a tool that is more representative of the cash bond market “, says Brett Olson, Head of Fixed Income iShares in EMEA for BlackRock. „With one eye on the growth in the US fixed income ETF options market, we believe these options will benefit clients that require a security that refers to a UCITs ETF.“

    “Fixed income ETFs offer an exchange traded source of liquidity for fixed income exposure to investors”, adds Lee Bartholomew, Head of Fixed Income & FX Product R&D at Eurex. “They allow for cost effective exposure to the corporate bond market. Furthermore, our new products provide investors with greater flexibility to hedge and manage their exposure to the fixed income, corporate and high yield bond markets.”

    The European market for corporate bonds plays a key role in the financial ecosystem. It has grown consistently after the financial crisis, both in terms of market participants as well as overall assets under management. Eurex notes significant end user demand for European-listed FI ETF options, with institutional investors in Europe ready to migrate from US-listed options once the options are listed.

    Three large banks will provide liquidity for Eurex‘ options on fixed income ETFs.

  4. Release date:
    14 Nov 2017
    Press Release | Clearstream

    Clearstream’s monthly report

    Digitization and Fintech trends set to further increase speed of innovation

  5. Release date:
    09 Nov 2017
    Press Release | Deutsche Börse Cash Market

    First ETF on US preferred shares launched by VanEck Vectors on Xetra

    ETFs provide access to companies focused on natural resources and to US preferred shares

  6. Release date:
    08 Nov 2017
    Press Release | Deutsche Börse Cash Market

    New UBS Global Asset Management bond index ETFs launched on Xetra

    ETFs provide access to inflation-linked euro government bonds and emerging market corporate bonds

  7. Release date:
    03 Nov 2017
    Press Release | Deutsche Börse Cash Market

    Befesa S.A. listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange today

    Initial price: €28.00 / Metal recycler lists in the Prime Standard

  8. Release date:
    03 Nov 2017
    Press Release | Eurex

    Eurex enhances its market structure

    The international derivatives marketplace Eurex, part of Deutsche Börse Group, enhances its market structure to address industry trends and further meet its member’s needs. In Q4, Eu-rope’s largest derivatives exchange will launch an electronic price discovery platform that al-lows bank’s broker desks and inter dealer brokers to contact market makers with request for quotes in order to find a counterpart to a trading interest. Initially, the service will be available for fixed-income and money market derivatives, but other asset classes will be added soon.
    Orders are automatically transmitted to Eurex’ T7 Entry Service (TES) for exchange-trade con-firmation and post-trade processing. The service captures all data throughout the negotiation and makes it available to the member in order to support with the Best Execution requirements under MiFID II.
    The enhancement is a strategic move for Eurex. “Market participants increasingly rely on transparent and efficient market places – not only for their listed business, but also for their former OTC activities,” said Randolf Roth, member of the Eurex Executive Board. “We contin-ue to innovate and adopt our market structure to the evolving needs of the financial industry and the real economy.”
    Historically, market participants agreed on large or complex orders bilaterally via phone or online chat, and then entered these orders manually into Eurex’ Trade Entry Service. However, there is a growing demand for fully automated and efficient solutions by market participants. Eurex addresses these needs by applying its core competences in process efficiencies to the OTC market. The fully regulated exchange facilitates not only price discovery but also ensures an automated transfer into its exchange and clearing infrastructure. This creates new efficien-cies and minimalizes operational risks resulting from transmission errors.
    The new offering also supports market participants in their efforts to comply with MiFID II. The impending legislation will strengthen the emphasis on transparency and best execution as well as stricter rules on transaction reporting, research and trading. In this context, MiFID II will af-fect brokers to meet stricter rules on data collection and proof of best execution.
    In October 2017, turnover at Eurex reached 115.8 million contracts – a slight increase compared with October 2016 with 114.5 million contracts.
    Media Contacts:
    Heiner Seidel / Christina Hudelmayer
    Tel: +49-69-2 11-1 15 00

  9. Release date:
    02 Nov 2017
    Press Release | Deutsche Börse Cash Market

    Turnover at Deutsche Börse’s cash markets at 115.9 billion euros in October

    Increase of 17 per cent year-on-year

  10. Release date:
    02 Nov 2017
    Press Release | Deutsche Börse

    Regulatory Reporting Hub: first reporting solution launched

    EMIR reporting service available since 30 October / First reports to trade repository went off without a hitch

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