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Your IPO in Germany

Looking for the right listing venue can be challenging. With Deutsche Börse, one of the largest international

Capital market - a perspective for

Company succession, visibility, growth plans: there are many reasons for going public. Please find all

Welcome iQ International AG

We welcome iQ International AG in the General Standard. The shares are tradable since 27 December 2019.

Recognising opportunities in

IPO can be a long-term stable and independent source of financing – it is up to entrepreneurs to defend their


Deutsche Börse Cash Market


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The first stocks and standards workshop this year will take place on 26 February and will focus on the topic “Investor Relations - Changes and requirements in 2020“. Register now!

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DAX intraday

21. Feb 2020

Veganz Group AG bond 

Veganz Group AG is planning to list a corporate bond in the Quotation Board. The subscription via DirectPlace ended on 21 February 2020. First day of trading will be 24 February 2020.

Delayed quotesFeb 21, 2020 5:45:00 PM

DAX -84.67 13,579.33
MDAX -193.51 28,983.39
TecDAX -27.13 3,237.15
SDAX -98.52 12,871.13
Scale 30 -13.29 1,214.45

Trading turnovers

In total, Deutsche Börse's cash markets generated a trading volume of €145.3 billion in January.

Unscheduled adjustment in SDAX on 18 February

Deutsche Börse Cash Market

Due to the takeover of TLG Immobilien AG by Aroundtown the free float of TLG Immobilien AG falls below 10 percent. Therefore,TLG Immobilien AG shares will be deleted from the SDAX index. They will be replaced by LPKF Laser & Electronics AG.


The detective at the stock exchange

Since January 2020, Andreas Mitschke is heading the Trading Surveillance Office of Eurex and Kassamarkt. He wants to further improve the quality of surveillance. To achieve this, he wants to use the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and big data even more in the future.

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New bond: UniDevice AG

The corporate bond of UniDevice AG is tradable in the Quotation Board since 13 December 2019. The subscription period ended on 12 December 2019.