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Podcast: "Listing location - Where

The new digitalkompakt podcast episode from the “IPO” series deals with the topic of listing location: What

Your IPO in Germany

Looking for the right listing venue can be challenging. With Deutsche Börse, one of the largest international

Preparing growth companies for the

Deutsche Börse Venture Network: We accompany you on your way to the stock exchange for long-term growth

Ring the bell

Celebrate your company's milestones ‒ whether it`s an IPO, an index ascent or a listing jubilee ‒ by ringing


Deutsche Börse Cash Market

Scale market report: Index barely makes any headway

Scale market report: Index hardly makes any headway
The Scale Index cannot keep up with the DAX performance. However, individual companies, such as The Platform Group, are shining with substantial share price gains. Vectron leaves the segment after the takeover.

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19. Jul 2024

Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum 2024

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Registration for Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum 2024 is now officially open for issuers.

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In addition to our networking events such as the Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum, we also organise events to expand your know-how. Here you will find an overview of upcoming events.

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