Management Board

Management Board

As the executive body of the Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (FWB®, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange), an entity under public law, the Management Board is responsible for all tasks not expressly assigned to other exchange bodies.

The legal foundations for the activities of the Management Board are anchored in the Exchange Act. In accordance with its provisions, the Management Board is responsible for managing the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Individual executive tasks, assigned to the Management Board, include:

  • admission of persons and companies to exchange trading
  • decisions on the start, suspension, discontinuance and cessation of official quotations for securities
  • decisions on determining prices for securities
  • definition of the organisation and business procedures of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • maintaining order on the trading floor premises

The members of the Management Board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange are full-time employees and – in line with the organisational model of a stock corporation – are subject to instruction by the Exchange Council. They ensure that exchange-relevant laws, ordinances, standard terms and conditions and other regulations are implemented and that there is due compliance with these. In this context, the Management Board may assign responsibility for discharging these duties to other persons.

As the executive body of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, an institution under public law with partial legal capacity, the Management Board is a public administration authority. It may issue administrative acts addressed to third parties and is thus a public authority under administrative law.

Management Board:

Eric Leupold (Chairman)
Cord Gebhardt (Deputy Chairman)
Melanie Dannheimer
Frank Hoba
Michael Krogmann