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Secondary Market Trading services and trading connections

Deutsche Börse Cash Market operates tailor-made trading platforms and supports cutting-edge trading technologies, and, to this end, offers trading participants efficient connection processes.

The fully electronic trading system at Xetra® sets the highest of standards with regard to reliability, security, speed and innovation. In particular, institutional investors value the transparency and speed that Xetra provides while still keeping trading costs low – but so do private investors. Around 150 trading members from Europe and the United Arab Emirates are connected to the Xetra network.

Börse Frankfurt offers investors access to more than 1.5 million products. From shares and bonds to funds, warrants and certificates, investors can find a suitable range of products for any investment strategy. Every security at Börse Frankfurt is attended to by a specialist. 

Furthermore, Deutsche Börse has a stake in the Tradegate Exchange, a Berlin-based securities exchange for private investors, which since 2010 has had the status “Regulated Market within the meaning of MiFID”.

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