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Raising financing in the capital markets is especially appealing precisely for companies that are achieving dynamic growth and are innovative, and can lay the foundations for future successes. An IPO enables your company to raise a large volume of capital and to repeat the process through capital increases. There are many benefits to going public, even in difficult economic times. For example, above all publicly-listed SMEs emerged from the global financial and economic crisis relatively unscathed thanks to the diversified range of financing options they had. Securing a long-term source of financing less reliant on banks forms a key element in a sustainable corporate strategy.

Forms of listing

The traditional IPO is the listing of a company's shares on an organized capital market. Shares from the portfolios of existing shareholders will be offered in connection with a capital increase. This is also referred to as an initial placement. In addition to the traditional IPO, there are alternative forms:

  1. Direct listing: In a Direct Listing process, existing shares (founder, employee and investor shares) will be listed without raising capital. You can find more information on this in our podcast.
  2. SPAC: A SPAC or acquisition purpose company with no own business operations. Its sole objective is to raise capital through a listing, the proceeds of which are subsequently used to acquire a non-listed company within a limited period of time and to indirectly list it on the stock exchange.
  3. Carveout/Spin-off: Subsidiaries of companies that are already listed on the stock exchange can conduct a carveout IPO, which combines a reflection of the shareholder base with a direct listing process.
  4. IPO-Bonds: IPO candidates may use convertible bonds or bonds with stock options, combined with a direct listing of the created shares on the IPO exercise date.

These companies have already gone public – a few examples:

Deutsche Börse Venture Network

Every company has its own growth path. The Deutsche Börse Venture Network offers individual support and a range of flexible service modules. The offer is aimed at start-ups in all sectors, from early to later stage and various exit perspectives. 

Your IPO roadmap – The Going Public IPO line

We support you in optimally preparing your IPO – step by step through to first price determination. This includes choosing your Listing Partner, developing your issue concept, compiling all the necessary documentation, placement and admission and first trading in your company’s securities.

You are already familiar with the IPO process?

Challenge your Company - Exclusive workshops for start-ups and stock exchange candidates

With the workshop series "Challenge your Company" we have created a platform for knowledge transfer and personal exchange with experts and CEOs or CFOs who have already listed companies on the stock exchange successfully. During the nationwide workshops, you will receive first-hand, high-quality know-how, best practice tips and unique practical knowledge on the subject of raising capital via the stock exchange.

DirectPlace – subscriptions through Börse Frankfurt

Avail yourself of the opportunity to lock into semi-professional investors and private investors when placing your securities. Benefit from a balanced mix of investors and increase your placement reach – making your security flotation a real success even before the first trading day. We support your placement with an information campaign that targets the right groups and the technical underwriting options that FWB®, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange provides.

Celebrate your stock flotation: The first price determination on the floor and online in the phases of real-time trading

Turn your IPO into a real event: On the first day of trading you can present your company in the trading hall at FWB® the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and world-wide – reaching a very large audience. Watch first price determination for the shares live. Using the Xetra® Start visualisation tool your investors, clients and business partners can follow the initial trading phrases online in real time, from the very first price determined for the shares.

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