Mythbusting Did you already know?

Corporate financing via the capital market is especially appealing for companies that are achieving dynamic growth, are innovative, and can lay the foundations for future successes. An IPO enables companies to raise a large volume of capital and repeating this process through capital increases. This benefit to going public, even in difficult economic times, is broadly known. Have you already known the following facts which highlight advantages of going public at Frankfurt Stock Exchange?

There are some myths to be uncovered

Myth 1: It takes unicorn status to go public at a stock exchange

On the contrary:

74% of all companies listed in Frankfurt in the last five years were not unicorns but of a valuation under €1 billion.

Myth 2: There are mostly German investors represented at Frankfurt Stock Exchange

On the contrary:

68% of the trading volume on Xetra shows Frankfurt is in the focus of international investors.

Myth 3: Pharma and Healthcare stocks can only grow in the US

On the contrary:

stocks in the DAXsupersector “Pharma & Healthcare” showed an impressive growth rate of 463% over the past ten years.

Myth 4: Only long-established German industrial companies are listed in Frankfurt

On the contrary:

over the past ten years, the share of tech stocks grew by 354%.

Myth 5: Companies listed in Scale are only operating in Germany

On the contrary:

the segment comprises a broad variety of internationally operating SME companies. Plus, recent Scale IPOs all had international investors.


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