Frequently Asked QuestionsAny further questions?

Where do I find specific content?

In addition to the clearly structured main navigation, we offer the navigator which allows you to find frequently searched-for contents. The text search runs through deutsche-boerse-cash-market.com and xetra.com. So you’ll get to where you’re heading even faster.

Where do I find the list of tradable instruments?

Tradable instruments can be found in Deutsche Börse Cash Market > Instruments/statistics > All tradable instruments.
We offer the following static downloads for the CSV file of tradable instruments as well as the Zip file of all structured products:

Where do I find information on transparency standards/market segments by German law?

Both can be found in Primary Market > Market structure.

Where do I find information on listing on the new website?

The “Listing” section is now located on deutsche-boerse-cash-market.com and is called Primary Market.

Where do I find the rules and regulations?

At the top of every page next to the logo, we offer access to the Rules and Regulations of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Where do I find cash market statistics?

The statistics are accessible on deutsch-boerse-cash-market.com > Instruments/statistics > statistics.

Where do I find documentation on the trading system?

All documents are available in the Member Section. General information on access and interfaces are available on xetra.com > Technology, the market models on xetra.com > Trading > Trading models.

Where do I find information on interfaces and access?

Information on interfaces and access is available on xetra.com in the Technology section.

Where do I find information on IPOs?

All information on the Primary Market is available on deutsche-boerse-cash-market.com/primarymarket. In the section > Going Public, we offer detailed information on IPOs. The IPO Line shows all the requirements of an IPO, step by step.

Where do I find the price and text search?

The price and text search is now accessible directly on the top right of the website.

Where do I find my Downloads?

Where do I find the list of Designated Sponsors?

The list of Designated Sponsors is available on xetra.com > Trading > Trading services > Continuous trading with auctions and Designated Sponsor > List of Designated Sponsors.

How can I access the Member Section?

The member section is directly accessible at the top of every page next to the logo.

What do the symbols above the texts mean?

The share symbol on the top left, texts from the website can be shared in social media. The print symbol allows you to print the text of the respective page. By clicking on the triangle, the text is displayed as a PDF file and can be saved on your computer.

You haven't found the answer to your question and require help?

You can contact us anytime via e-mail: cashmarket@deutsche-boerse.com or xetra@deutsche-boerse.com. In addition, contacts from specific departments are available at www.deutsche-boerse-cash-market.com > about us > contact.

What are the technical changes regarding the tradable instruments files?

As a result of the newly structured internet offering, the internet addresses (URLs) for the tradable instruments in file format will change. The content of both files will stay the same. The new URLs, where the files are available as of Xetra Circular 008/15 from 26 January 2015, are:

For tradable instruments on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt (without structured products):
For tradable instruments in structured products on Börse Frankfurt:

To allow all market participants a convenient technical transition, the present URLs will still be temporarily available after the Go-Live of deutsche-boerse-cash-market.com and xetra.com. We will inform all market participants before deactivating both URLs in time.


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