IIF – International Investment Forum

IIF – International Investment Forum

10 October 2023 10:00 CEST
04 December 2024 10:00 CET
Zoom Conference

The IIF - International Investment Forum is an event organised by our Capital Market Partner GBC AG.

The International Investment Forum is an online investor conference, which has have been held quarterly since 2021 as a supplement to the physical conferences Munich Capital Market Conference (MKK) and Zurich Capital Market Conference (ZKK). Since then, more than 150 companies from the small and mid-cap segment have already been presented.

The event is aimed at investors interested in internationally oriented small and mid-cap companies.

The presentation language is English. The webcast will be recorded and subsequently available on the YouTube channels of GBC AG and the International Investment Forum (IIF).

Event dates 2023/2024:

  • 10.10.2023 
  • 05.12.2023
  • 21.02.2024
  • 17.04.2024
  • 08.10.2024
  • 04.12.2024


Marita Conzelmann; conzelmann@gbc-ag.de