A crowded trading floor on International Women's Day

12 Mar 2019

A crowded trading floor on International Women's Day

On International Women's Day 2019, the trading floor of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange was the scene of an unprecedented sight: almost 200 women and some men had gathered there to ring the belI for gender equality.  

Renata Bandov, Head of Pre-IPO & Capital Markets at Deutsche Börse, welcomed the guests and introduced the day as an opportunity for education and networking: ”As Deutsche Börse, we are strongly committed to strengthening economic education. In this context, we want to encourage a stronger and more differentiated approach to the opportunities and risks of investing via the stock exchange – especially with regard to retirement provision,” said Bandov. She welcomed the founding by Deutsche Börse employees, together with partners, of the network ”Die Anlegerin” (”The female investor”), which aims to strengthen the female investment culture.

Claire Peel, CFO of the asset manager DWS Group, gave an inspiring speech on gender gaps, women in the industry and female investment opportunities. She mentioned interesting facts, such as the fact that the performance of listed companies with experienced women in management is six percent above average. Finally, she gave the audience three pieces of advice: to support each other, not to sell below value and to interfere.

The call for the Opening Bell came from ”Women in ETFs”, a business network of women in the investment industry that has been organising a global bell ringing on numerous stock exchanges worldwide for many years. The network receives support from the UN Women and UN Global Impact initiatives, the Federation of European Stock Exchanges (FESE) and numerous companies, among others.

But this year's Deutsche Börse event went far beyond ringing the opening bell. Numerous women from outside the clientele were invited to the subsequent network breakfast and the investor lectures ”by women for women” – such as journalists, bloggers, financial advisors and private investors. A group of Mongolian women from all over Europe also enjoyed the event together with the Mongolian cultural ambassador.

The presentations for female investors following the opening bell were quickly fully booked. BlackRock and the DWS discussed investment for women with ETFs, also with a focus on sustainability. Two representatives from Deutsche Börse then gave an introduction to stock exchange trading and explained popular misunderstandings about investing in the stock market. Obviously, there is a great need for such information.

The response of the participants was remarkably good. ”Motivating”, ”new ideas” and ”really good conversations” were the words after the presentations by numerous women.