Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation presents two exhibitions “Image Capital by Estelle Blaschke & Armin Linke“ and “New Works – Art Collection Deutsche Börse“

Release date: 18 Sep 2023 | Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation

Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation presents two exhibitions “Image Capital by Estelle Blaschke & Armin Linke“ and “New Works – Art Collection Deutsche Börse“

- Both exhibitions will be shown from 13 October 2023 to 21 January 2024 in The Cube, Frankfurt/Eschborn.
Visiting the exhibitions is possible as part of the regular guided tours and on the “Open Saturday” on 20 January 2024. 
- The exclusive press preview will be held on 12 October 2023 at 11 a.m.

“Image Capital by Estelle Blaschke & Armin Linke“

The exhibition “Image Capital” tells the history of photography as an information technology. It is dedicated to different imaging procedures and explores the myriad utilitarian uses of the medium and its function in processing and securing the flow of information and data. The concept for the exhibition was developed by the photography historian Estelle Blaschke and the artist Armin Linke. "Image Capital" comprises photographs and video works by Armin Linke, complemented by selected historical photos, archive material and publications. The exhibition in Eschborn also includes a site-specific video work developed by the artist with experts of Deutsche Börse AG. It focuses on how financial data flows are represented visually and help optimise stock trading. 

Since its invention 200 years ago, photography has reached into every sphere of society, transforming science, art, politics, and the news as well as all kinds of commerce and production. It documents the visible world and is at the same time a tool for storing and reproducing images. Its utilisation came at a time when production and administrative processes were expanding and needed to be optimised. Information needed to flow and be accessible. As a cost-effective and endlessly reproducible recording and storage medium, photography contributed to the development of global industries and economic systems. Today, the increasing digitisation of images and data is opening up new uses for photography, for example in architecture, design or the financial sector. "Image Capital" reflects on the medium and its many operational areas of application.

Estelle Blaschke is a photography historian. She holds a professorship for photographic media at the University of Basel. Armin Linke is a photographer and filmmaker, he currently is a guest professor at ISIA Urbino (Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche di Urbino) in Italy. 

“Image Capital“ at The Cube, Eschborn is curated by Anne-Marie Beckmann, Director of  the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation and Cornelia Siebert. The exhibition is a cooperation of Centre Pompidou, Paris; Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation, Frankfurt/Eschborn; Fondazione MAST, Bologna, and Museum Folkwang, Essen. It has already been shown in different versions at the Museum Folkwang and the Fondazione MAST. Parallel to the presentation at the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation, "Capital Image" will be on display at the Centre Pompidou (27 September 2023 – 26 February 2024).

intercom Verlag is publishing a digital open access publication to be retrieved here.

“New Works – Art Collection Deutsche Börse“

The exhibition “New Works” presents a selection of new acquisitions for the Art Collection Deutsche Börse. It brings together works from different geographical regions spanning a period from the mid-20th century to the present. The artists represented focus on social and political issues, turning the spotlight on areas of tension in society and drawing attention to grievances. In their exploration of essential social challenges, the artists develop individual yet universally comprehensible visual languages that offer space for dialogue.

The topics on display include the effects of flight and migration as well as social tensions in deprived areas. The artists examine the often ambivalent relationship between humans and nature and address societal and political conflicts, past and present, in Europe, the USA, South Africa and Central America. With an impressive sensitivity to the complexity of broader social contexts, they visualise issues of equal opportunity and forms of political protest and address socio-economic processes and cultural differences between different social milieus. 

The artists in the exhibition are: Mohammed Bourouissa, Alejandro Cartagena, Daniel Castro Garcia, Larry Clark, Anton Kusters, Susan Meiselas, Philip Montgomery, Anastasia Samoylova, Mikhael Subotzky und Patrick Waterhouse. 

Note to Editors:

A press preview for both exhibitions will be held on Thursday, 12 October 2023, at 11 a.m. at The Cube, Mergenthalerallee 61 in Eschborn. Anne-Marie Beckmann, director of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation and curator of the exhibitions, will guide through the presentations. Estelle Blaschke and Armin Linke will be present, as well as the artists Daniel Castro Garcia and Anton Kusters. They will give insights into their respective exhibition projects and be available for interviews. Please register by 9 October via e-mail to

You can find an overview of the press images for the exhibition "Image Capital by Estelle Blaschke & Armin Linke" here and “New Works – Art Collection Deutsche Börse” here. We will be happy to send you the press images in print quality upon request.

Information for Visitors: 

The exhibitions are on display until 21 January 2024 in The Cube, the headquarters of Deutsche Börse in Eschborn. Admission is free. Visiting is possible on the “Open Saturday” on 20 January 2024 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. without prior registration, or as part of a guided tour with prior registration at Special appointments for individual groups (up to 25 persons) can be arranged by e-mail:

Address: The Cube, Mergenthalerallee 61, 65760 Eschborn                 

About the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation

The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Frankfurt/Main that is dedicated to collecting, exhibiting and promoting contemporary photography. It is responsible for the further development and presentation of the Art Collection Deutsche Börse, which now comprises over 2,300 photographic works by around 160 artists from 33 nations. In its exhibition space in Eschborn near Frankfurt/Main, it shows several exhibitions a year that are open to the public. Supporting young artists is a particular concern of the foundation. It promotes them in many ways: with awards, scholarships or through participation in the talent programme of the Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam Foam. Together with the Photographers’ Gallery in London, it awards the renowned Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize every year. Furthermore, the foundation supports exhibition projects of international museums and institutions as well as the development of platforms for academic dialogue and research on the medium of photography. 

About the Art Collection Deutsche Börse

The Art Collection Deutsche Börse is among the most important collections of international contemporary photography. Established in 1999, the collection now comprises more than 2,300 works by around 160 artists from 33 countries. The Art Collection is dedicated to the central themes of photography since the Mid-20th century. The visual languages and photographic approaches represented in the collection are as diverse as the background, age, or artistic method of the photographers, ranging from documentary to conceptual approaches. Each position offers its own perspective on the collection’s central theme, the “conditio humana”, the exploration of the conditions of human existence and its position in the world.