Listen up: Podcast discussion "Die Braut hübsch machen"

05 Aug 2020

Listen up: Podcast discussion "Die Braut hübsch machen"

Titel: Podcast

In this episode of our podcast series "Road to IPO" we focus on the equity story. The attractiveness of a company in the perception of investors (also "window dressing" or "Die Braut hübsch machen") is a basic requirement for a company to be successfully traded on the stock exchange. This makes the equity story, along with the readiness for the stock market, one of the most important core elements for a successful investor approach in the context of an IPO. The motto is "Fit for the stock exchange, fit for the market".

Klaus Rainer Kirchhoff, CEO of Kirchhoff Consult AG, and Dr. Andreas Zanner, Partner at CMS, are in discussion with moderator Joël Kaczmarek.

The following questions will be answered in this podcast episode:

  • What does it mean "Die Braut hübsch machen"?
  • What are the most important criteria for being stock market ready? Which kind of story is interesting for investors? Which key facts must be included in the equity story?
  • When should investors be addressed?
  • How is the process structured? When should planning begin?
  • How important is the decision for a listing venue?
  • What are capital market partners and how do they support the process?


Klaus Rainer Kirchhoff is a lawyer specialising in European law and CEO of Kirchhoff Consult AG, which he founded 26 years ago. He is also an executive assistant of a medium-sized industrial company. Kirchhoff has already supported 72 enterprises on their way to the stock exchange. He advises companies on investor relations issues and on the implementation of sustainability/ESG strategies.


Andreas Zanner has been a partner at CMS in Frankfurt since 1997. He has focused his practice particularly on advising issuers, underwriting banks and shareholders on capital markets and corporate law and has broad expertise in IPOs, secondary offerings, stock dividends and capital increases. In addition, he advises listed companies on compliance with capital market law obligations such as ad hoc and other reporting requirements, Directorsʼ dealings and generally on insider trading law and compliance obligations.


Joël Kaczmarek is founder of digital kompakt and moderates the discussion. This podcast is produced in cooperation with digital kompakt, an online trade magazine on digital business models, companies and developments.