Listen up: Podcast talk on “Script for an IPO – Part 2: Implementation”

11 Dec 2018

Listen up: Podcast talk on “Script for an IPO – Part 2: Implementation”

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The new Road to IPO podcast episode is the second of three parts that trace the process of an IPO: the first part dealt with the legal aspects of regulation, corporate governance and accounting. The second part is all about the equity story.

The following experts have their say: Stefan Ries, director at Berenberg Bank, Andreas Zanner, partner at CMS Hasche Sigle and Renata Bandov from Deutsche Börse.

They explain, for example, how good equity stories are structured so that companies can authentically present and pitch their unique selling propositions. It's also about the question of what makes a good securities prospectus. After all, it is the central document for investors and the capital market, from which liability claims can also be derived. Which standards must be observed from the legal point of view and how does the cooperation with BaFin work? The podcast also provides answers to these questions. An IPO is teamwork, which is why this episode also deals with how companies find the right partners for an IPO and what distinguishes a good team.

Joel Kaczmarek, chief editor at digital kompakt, presents the show and moderates the discussion.

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